Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

Getting an Image of The HTML Article with PHP preg_match Function

This case occurs in many blog.

You want to show a brief description of an article along with the image which is contain in it article.

You can see what I mean as shown below;

In that case, you don't need to create a new field contain an image in it. You just need to parse the img tag.
This is the code:

private static function getImageInPost($post_content)
    $jum = preg_match_all('/src="([^"]*)"/', $post_content,$matches);
        foreach ($matches as $match) 
            if(strpos($match[0], "src")!== false)
                $res = explode("\"", $match[0]);
                $image = "<img src='".$res[1]."'>";
        $image = "";
    return $image;

Above code returning first image in the article.

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