Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

Renaming Every Single Tabel in MySQL Database to Lower Case on XAMPP Server

I actually use Ubuntu every day. But sometimes I perforce work with Windows, because my client familiar with Windows. In this case, my client is government. I had to teach an application that I made to the staff with Windows OS.

Well... That's just introduction that I sometimes work with XAMPP-Windows server.

In that case, I found trouble when importing MySQL database on XAMPP-Windows. Every single table name on it renaming to lower case. This situation made my application didn't work at all. And here's what I have done to rename every single table name (case sensitive);

  1. Find
  2. Look up for:
    # The MySQL server [mysqld]
  3. Add line
    lower_case_table_names = 2
    In some case that I have read, you must add that line at the end of file
  4. Save that file and restart your MySQL

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